Big "Dawg" Isaac

The boys got together

To audition their skills

Jam'in out to all their favorite

Rock & Roll "Thrills"

James Taylor and some Hootie

Made that acoustic guitar ring

And the piano man started playing

As the voices began to sing

From the sound of a Ballard

To your favorite Rythm & Blues

This "Trio" will have you dancing

In the souls of your shoes

We say...Country, Rock or Blues

It don't matter what the song

Cause the Big Dawg Isaac Trio

Will have you singing along

RipTide - 1st Friday - These Guys Brewing Company

Wonderwall - These Guys Brewing Company

Year Of The Cat - Turnpike Cafe

Sweet Caroline - Turnpike Cafe

Run Around - Landsdowne Mohegan Sun

What's Up - Landsdowne Mohegan Sun

Landsdowne - Time Of Your Life

Big "Dawg" Isaac at the Tamarack